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Carved Linoblock Ready For First Print!

Yup, posting in bits and pieces here. But Justin is all the way in Germany and I am so excited every time I get an update.

An excerpt from the note I got this evening from Justin:

Here’s the near-final carved block! Long day today. I’ll be doing a test print and some last touches and corrections in the morning, then the first real artist’s proof.

So tomorrow should yield some pretty juicy pics. Anyone have any comments? Would love to see your feedback. Please make it all positive because we’re not making any changes 😉

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Out-takes from Candle Shoot

My kids adore the candles! My son, the sensual one, is taken in by the  scent. My daughter is a fan of the color and the baby loves to touch, carry, and sort them. Honestly, they make great natural, Waldorfy play sets! The final pic below shows my daughter as the Queen Bee–she made a candle crown!


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