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Taking It To The Streets!

Trying to get the word out locally about my Kickstarter Project in Gainesvile. It’s a tough town to crack!

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Kickstarter Update: 28 Days To Go!

Unfortunately I had to remove my giveaway for valueless test prototype candles that were cute and burnable but not sellable because, according to an email I received this evening from Kickstarter, I was in violation of the Kickstarter guidelines prohibiting raffles as rewards. If anyone has more insight into this, please let me know. Earlier today, around 10am, my project was removed from the featured Staff Picks. It took me 7 hours of frantic effort to get in touch with someone at Kickstarter, but finally I was notified that the reason I had my project unfeatured was because there was a giveaway promoting my KS on my own blog. So as a cautionary tale to anyone out there planning a Kickstarter project, don’t do this!

Anyway, I am working on a project update on my blog right now but needed to put this image somewhere so I could grab the url for that post. See you on Kickstarter!

No giveaway for these babies.

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Out-takes from Candle Shoot

My kids adore the candles! My son, the sensual one, is taken in by the ┬áscent. My daughter is a fan of the color and the baby loves to touch, carry, and sort them. Honestly, they make great natural, Waldorfy play sets! The final pic below shows my daughter as the Queen Bee–she made a candle crown!


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