Linosketch Progress: Carving Under Way!

Justin is going to do a lot of carving today. I think it looks adorable. The milk glass vases on the top shelf will be black and white. The candles on the second shelf will be black and ambery yellow. Three more colors still up in the air!


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Out-takes from Candle Shoot

My kids adore the candles! My son, the sensual one, is taken in by the  scent. My daughter is a fan of the color and the baby loves to touch, carry, and sort them. Honestly, they make great natural, Waldorfy play sets! The final pic below shows my daughter as the Queen Bee–she made a candle crown!


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Evolution of a Linocut: Ink Sketch Linoleum Block

Was up all night thinking about the poster block. I am positive it is going to turn out RAD! And I think it makes a great cultural-moment souvenir. I mean, what a conversation piece! Hang this on your wall and people will be like WTF is Fresh Pastry Stand? And  you can be all like I am so cool I got it on Kickstarter! Yup.

Here is a pic of the initial ink sketch on the linoleum block. It will be more detailed once cut.

Limited Edition of 100 / 5-color silk screened 11″ x 17″ blockprint poster + American Apparel Logo T + Letterpress Postcard is all yours at the $60 Reward Level–free shipping in the US.

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Linocut for Kickstarter Poster


Very excited that my Kickstarter project is going to launch soon. I commissioned a really big linocut poster to offer as a reward. This will be a 5 color screen print, limited edition. Also, the design will be used as a 1 color letterpress postcard. Logo will be pulled from this artwork. I am just so freaking plussed about how this is turning out. Berlin artist Justin P. Moore is the man wielding the knife and art skills! You can stalk him here, hereherehere, and soon on Kickstarter, too!

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