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Fresh Pastry Stand Beeswax Giveaway!


Giveaway going on now @Retro Renovation. Gotta move quickly! Enter by Sept. 6th by leaving a comment. Yup, that’s just a couple of days from now. Don’t you just love the little “win these!” graphic Pam & Kate put on the pic. Stylin’!


Cake Stand Giveaway!

Going on @ My Baking Addiction right now! Ends August 15th.

Fresh Pastry Stand Levittown Red 3 Tier

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Cake Stand Giveaway!

Hey everyone! My gal pal Lynn at Scissors & Spice is hosting a Fresh Pastry Stand giveaway. All the details on how to enter can be found here.

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Taking It To The Streets!

Trying to get the word out locally about my Kickstarter Project in Gainesvile. It’s a tough town to crack!

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Fresh Pastry Stand Beeswax The Top Craft Project on Kickstarter Right Now!


According to Kicktraq, Fresh Pastry Stand Beeswax is currently the top craft project on Kickstarter right now! Please help get the word out and share a link to my Kickstarter project. Would love for Fresh Pastry Stand Beeswax to really take this category by storm!


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Kickstarter Update: 28 Days To Go!

Unfortunately I had to remove my giveaway for valueless test prototype candles that were cute and burnable but not sellable because, according to an email I received this evening from Kickstarter, I was in violation of the Kickstarter guidelines prohibiting raffles as rewards. If anyone has more insight into this, please let me know. Earlier today, around 10am, my project was removed from the featured Staff Picks. It took me 7 hours of frantic effort to get in touch with someone at Kickstarter, but finally I was notified that the reason I had my project unfeatured was because there was a giveaway promoting my KS on my own blog. So as a cautionary tale to anyone out there planning a Kickstarter project, don’t do this!

Anyway, I am working on a project update on my blog right now but needed to put this image somewhere so I could grab the url for that post. See you on Kickstarter!

No giveaway for these babies.

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Carved Linoblock Ready For First Print!

Yup, posting in bits and pieces here. But Justin is all the way in Germany and I am so excited every time I get an update.

An excerpt from the note I got this evening from Justin:

Here’s the near-final carved block! Long day today. I’ll be doing a test print and some last touches and corrections in the morning, then the first real artist’s proof.

So tomorrow should yield some pretty juicy pics. Anyone have any comments? Would love to see your feedback. Please make it all positive because we’re not making any changes 😉

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Tips for Burning Beeswax Candles


  • Beeswax is a very unique wax with properties completely unlike commercial paraffin and even soy wax. The wax burns totally clean–even purifying the air! Gotta love those bees.
  • Beeswax candles aren’t necessarily difficult to burn but if you are in search of perfect candle nirvana, you will want to follow these simple tips to optimize your beeswax experience.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4″! This is the biggie instruction. As your candle burns, you will want to trim the wick to keep the flame in check and minimize/avoid drips. You will know when to trim the wick if you flame gets over 3/4″ high. Trimming your wick will extend the life of your candle!
  • If you have problems lighting your candle, try trimming the wick. Sometimes a carbon ball forms at the end and  this impedes flame function.
  • Burning for longer periods of time will help your candle avoid tunneling by creating a healthy wax pool. However, burning too long will melt the outer walls and spill your wax. The standard formula is 1 hour  of burn time for every inch of thickness (measured in diameter). For example, 2″ thick candle will perform optimally if burned for 2 hours.
  • As the walls of your candle soften, you may or may not want to push them in towards the wax pool. This is basically a personal preference.
  • Beeswax is a dripless candle wax, however, due the un-uniformity in diameter that is inherent to certain molded candle designs, your candle may drip. Always burn with a candle plate beneath candle. You may alway want to extinguish your candle (by dipping wick in wax pool) and then peeling off the drips and adding them to the wax pool once your candle is relit.
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